Antares Planning Group, LLC

Antares Planning Group, LLC is a sole-proprietor Colorado-based company that was founded in 2012 by its Principal and owner, Steve Pardue. The company’s business lines are benefit-cost analysis of hazard mitigation projects (primarily in relation to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s HMA programs, and also some HUD programs), natural hazard risk assessments, preparation of mitigation grant applications, and hazard mitigation planning. Antares clients include engineering and consulting firms, as well as State, County and local jurisdictions nationwide. Since its founding, Antares has completed scores of complex benefit-cost analyses for a very wide variety of hazard mitigation project types, including water and sewer system retrofits, drainage and flood control, residential acquisitions and elevations, hurricane and tornado wind retrofits, ignition-resistant construction, hazardous fuels reduction, seismic retrofits of buildings, electrical system infrastructure, water and wastewater infrastructure, and backup power systems. The company has also completed hundreds of reviews of benefit-cost analyses on behalf of the States of California and Washington. Steve Pardue has also conducted dozens of training sessions and webinars on benefit-cost analysis for audiences nationwide.

In addition to benefit-cost analysis, Antares has completed numerous natural hazard risk assessments as part of hazard mitigation plans, and also in order to assess areas in jurisdictions and specific facilities or systems that may be good candidates for mitigation activities. The company and its Principal have also completed about 20 FEMA hazard mitigation plans and plan updates, and various mitigation grant applications.

Antares’ Principal Steve Pardue holds an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Texas, and a Master of Community Planning degree from the University of Maryland. Prior to forming Antares in 2012, his experience included five years as a program specialist at FEMA Headquarters in Washington, DC, five years as a Principal Planner with the URS Corporation, and six years as co-owner and Chief Operating Officer for Vissering Pardue & Associates. During his time at FEMA, he was responsible for managing numerous projects related to development of FEMA’s benefit-cost analysis software and BCA policy regime. At URS, Mr. Pardue was responsible for a wide range of projects related to benefit-cost analysis, evaluation of flood risk, mitigation planning, risk assessment and delivering technical training to a wide variety of clients and audiences. As co-Principal at VPA, he was responsible for many jobs and clients nationwide over the course of six years, including risk assessments, BCAs and hazard mitigation plans.

Antares has an extensive network of technical professionals to support a wide range of project types and client needs. These include civil engineers, FEMA program specialists, environmental/NEPA experts and GIS specialists. The company’s world headquarters is in Longmont, Colorado, and is staffed by Steve and his dog Otto, an insightful terrier shelter-mutt from west Texas with a supple coat and minty breath. Sort of.

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