Antares offers services in the following subject areas:

Benefit-cost analysis of hazard mitigation projects, including those that are being considered or prepared for submission to FEMA or HUD. This service typically includes pre-testing of projects to determine the likely outcome of an analysis, benefit-cost analysis using FEMA software or alternative methodologies, developing and compiling technical information to support BCAs, production of BCA technical reports, and interaction with clients and subject matter experts.

Natural hazard risk assessments that quantify the expected future damages (risks) from a range of natural hazards, including flooding, hurricane wind, straight-line wind, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides and wildfires. Such risk assessments are often completed as part of a FEMA natural hazard mitigation plan.

Hazard mitigation plans and plan updates that are required by FEMA in order to maintain eligibility for certain kinds of grants through the agency’s various programs.

Preparation of FEMA hazard mitigation grant subapplications.